Testimonies From the Mission Field
02/15/2015  |  Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico Mission Trip

At the beginning of 2015, the Lord put a burden on our hearts to organize a church family mission trip to Mexico in response to a request that we had received earlier from Ensenada, Mexico. The youth pastor and I came together to begin organizing the family mission trip.  We knew that we need to help build a small church extension to an existing church building.  Also a new building for a small auditorium and Sabbath school classrooms in a small mountain top village outside the city of Ensenada. Together with the church we began praying for God to lead us. A two story wood building would be the new area for Sabbath school, fellowship hall, classrooms, restrooms, and church office. We came together with church members to begin planning, designing and engineering the plans for this building project. The Lord provided the right people who volunteered their services and knowledge to create a set of engineering plans for us to use in Mexico.

Early Sunday morning, on July 17, 2015 out team of 66 volunteers departed Sacramento, CA in route to Mexico. The Lord protected us on our long journey to Mexico.  We arrived safely in the town of Ensenada, Mexico. Our team settled down for the night and early the next morning began preparation for our building project, VBS, and the medical clinic.  After morning devotional, we had a tasty breakfast and jumped in the trucks to head on over to the building site. Others stayed behind to prepare for the VBS program that would take place later in the day. The medical team went over to the convention center to set up the medical clinic. All in all, each person had a specific roll to play in getting all the work done.  Upon our arrival at the building site we were greeted by some of the church members who came to help us build.  I was excited to see how united as one team we moved forward to build and restore. 

Every day we witnessed the progression and the hard work at the building site.  The VBS team witnessed how the children were learning about Jesus every evening.  From singing songs to reading Bible verses, all the children were blessed to be able to learn more about Jesus.  The medical team was working hard to ensure what each person was able to receive great medical care.  We were excited to see how the Lord was working in the hearts of men and women who came and were able to receive free medical care. Through our acts of kindness, we were able to build friendships and share the love of God with others.  People came from many different villages to take part in our free medical clinic. We know that medical missionary work is the right hand of the Gospel and will help in finishing the work here on earth to hasten the coming of our Savoir Jesus Christ. 

Our last weekend together was the highlight of our mission trip when we were given free of charge one of the largest venues in the town of Ensenada to conduct a weekend revival series with Pastor Doug Bachelor. Over 1,500 people filled the grand hall on opening night. The Lord was moving in a mighty way on the hearts of the people. It was such a blessing to see seeds being planted in the hearts of men and women who came to hear the word of God. Praise be to God for what He is doing now and will continue to do as long as we remain faithful to Him no matter the consequences.  To God be the Glory for what He is doing in the lives of men and women who are open to His calling.  Maranatha!

January 27, 2020  |  Georgetown SDA Church Project

Thank you for your ministry

I would like to, on behalf of our little church, sincerely thank Ostap and the volunteers for the time spent rejuvenating our little church in the foothills. As I mentioned earlier while the crew was here, this project was undoubtedly an answer to the prayers we were sending up asking God to put us in touch with someone who could help us. A phone call, from someone who knew nothing about our needs, was the opening of a door. She asked, "is there anything that you need help with in Georgetown. I know a ministry that just had a scheduled project cancelled and they are looking for something to fill the gap.

Praise the Lord! Within 48 hours, Build and Restore Ministry was on site and running at full steam. The amount of work that was accomplished in the next 5 days is astounding. We are a witness to the fact that God does hear and answer our prayers. He does indeed love and care for His children and is looking forward to the day when Jesus will break through the clouds of heaven and take us home with Him, just as he promised.

Thank you for your ministry and devotion to sharing the gospel around the world. God will richly reward each and every one.

In His Service:

Dales Family