Monterey Mission Trip Aug 8 - 15

Build and Restore International (BRI) invites you to join us at Monterey Bay Academy! This will be a life changing and unforgettable experience. We will be helping with rebuilding/construction projects around the campus. This mission trip will have multiple opportunities to serve and minister to others. As always, mission trips require a desire to glorify God, teamwork, and safety. We ask that these values be considered as you make a decision to join us. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Prayerfully consider joining us on this exciting mission journey to the beautiful campus of Monterey Bay Academy. 


WHEN:  Aug 8 - 15, 2021

WHERE:  La Selva Beach, California

COST:  $180 per person (payments needs to be made in full by Aug. 2nd, 2021)

What’s Included:
Three vegetarian/vegan meals (if you have food allergies or specific dietary needs, please let us know)

Housing provided at the school

What’s NOT Included:
Any personal expenses, snacks or souvenirs
Hotel, food, and transportation before or after the mission trip

1.  Improve the school facilities by helping to restore and build up different structures and facilities.
2.  Volunteers will learn and share different building responsibilities in fixing the school facilities.

Arrival:  Please plan to arrive Aug 8th in the evening. 
Departure:  Please plan to depart on Aug 15th in the afternoon. 

We will be staying at the school. No linens are provided. Please bring your own linens and sleeping bag.

The weather will be in the mid 80's in the day and mid to high 60's at night.



Mission Trip Packing List

Items to Bring
• Bible (Paper Copy) and other devotional/reading materials
• Lightweight back pack 
• Personal snacks – e.g., energy/granola bars, nuts, or dried fruit
• Ear Plugs (in case the person next to you snores), sleep mask
• Flip-flops
• Flashlight
• Spending money for personal use
• Personal toiletries (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, mirror, razor, etc.) 

Work Clothes and Gear
• Work pants (lightweight cotton preferred, cargo)
• Good working shoes (work boots or hard-soled shoes are safest)
• Socks – (1 pair for each day)
• T-shirts; short or long-sleeved cotton shirts
• Water bottle(s) (Wide mouth, refillable)
• Work gloves (2 pair recommended)

Off-site Clothes
• Casual shirts, pants, and blouses
• Dress shirts, slacks, and shoes (men) for church*
• Dresses, skirts/blouses, and shoes (women) for church*
• Swimming suits (modest, one piece), beach towel
• Socks, Underclothes (microfiber quick dry—optional)
• Hat (to protect from sun)
• Sunglasses
• Sheets and sleeping bag
• Pillow and pillow case
• Towel and wash cloth


More about the project...

Daily Schedule
7:00 AM Wake Up
7:30 AM Worship
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Start Work
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Continue Work
5:30 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Worship/Team-building
8:00 PM Free Time
10:00 PM Lights Out

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