Restore Redwood Camp Mission Trip May 4th – 13th, 2018

Build and Restore International (BRI) invites you to join us for our youth project at Redwood Camp in Northern California. We are excited to go and help restore this summer camp.  This will be a fun filled summer mission project in Humboldt County, Northern California. We will be spending a week enjoying God’s creation among some of the most beautiful trees, the Redwood’s. We will help restore, renovate and update the camp facilities. 

We are praying for you to consider joining us in supporting our efforts. 
Thank you once again for your prayers, encouragement, and support!

WHEN:  May 4th -13th, 2018

WHERE:  Redwood Camp Meeting, Humboldt County, California

COST:  Participation donation is $100 per person upon arrival.

What’s Included:
Ground transportation from Sacramento to and from the project site
Build and Restore T-shirt

What’s NOT Included:
Any personal expenses, snacks or souvenirs
Hotel, food, and transportation before or after the mission trip


Mission Trip Packing List

Items to Bring
• Bible(Paper Copy) and other devotional/reading material
• Light weight back pack
• Powdered Electrolytes/Gatorade packets
• Personal snacks – e.g., energy/granola bars, nuts, or dried fruit
• Camera and memory card
• Ear Plugs (in case the person next to you snores), sleep mask
• Flip-flops (for showers)
• Flashlight
• Hand wipes or sanitizing hand gel
• Money for personal spending
• Personal toiletries (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, mirror, razor, etc.)

Work Clothes and Gear
• Work pants (lightweight cotton preferred, cargo)
• Good working shoes (work boots or hard-soled shoes are safest)
• Socks – (1 pair for each day)
• T-shirts; short or long-sleeved cotton shirts
• Water bottle(s) (Wide mouth, refillable)
• Work gloves (leather, 2 pair recommended)

Off-site Clothes
• Casual shirts, pants, and blouses
• Dress shirts, slacks, and shoes (men) for church*
• Dresses, skirts/blouses, and shoes (women) for church*
• Swimming suit (modest, one piece), beach towel
• Socks, Underclothes (microfiber quick dry—optional)
• Hat (to protect from sun when off the construction site)

Tent and Linens
• Tent for outdoors
• Space for RV or Camper available 
• Sheets/blanket/sleeping bag
• Pillow and pillow case
• Air mattress or sleeping pad
• Towel and wash cloth

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