Around the world, thousands are struggling to find a safe place to worship. Build and Restore International (BRI) believes that our 10 Day Church Project is ideal for groups of all sizes who desire to go on a mission trip that will have a long lasting impression on the people and the community at large. We have seen how a short term mission trip can impact the volunteers who go to serve as well as change the atmosphere and culture of the local church congregation. Revival and reformation is seen in the church family as well as individual members. “By beholding we are changed”.  2 Cor. 3:18


The Process

BRI seeks to implement the Build and Restore a Church (BRC) program to further benefit the local communities and to make a global impact. Giving to this program is one of the ways that donors and sponsors can get involved. Here are some things to consider.

  • Giving a monthly contribution helps us to continue to run the (BRC) program. This can be done online, by sending a check, or by calling us at (916) 316-8972.
  • Your gifts and donations help to insure that the (BRC) program is available to serve the needs of our communities and beyond.
  • Your contributions and donations will go to support existing and new church renovation projects here at home and around the world. 
  • You receive the fulfillment and satisfaction of knowing that YOU helped build or restore a church!
  • Lives are changes and molded for eternity and God will reward all who faithfully take part in sharing the Three Angels message with the world.

How It Works

BRI fulfills requests for construction and renovation projects in North America and around the World. Each project is carefully evaluated and further consideration is given to it’s over all needs. We look at community involvement, time, impact, cost, and an analysis is performed by BRI to further understand the resources that will be needed for project completion.